What to expect when your expecting again
  • This is not your Salad Days blog. I don't do paper towel napkins or four liter jugs of wine. No whining about mean boys or boys for that matter. No more eating corn out of the can, hostels, graduate degrees, PBR "beer", etc. I eat, I drink, and I write what I think.

    These are the Saveur Days of my life.


    Thinking of having another one? Maybe already expecting? Well, here's what you can expect. And no it's not like the first time.

Book Report #1: Harold and the Purple Crayon

I read a lot of kids books these days. H can sometimes go through a dozen or more books a day, easy. As I read these books with him for the umpteenthed time, I occupy myself by thinking about them as metaphors. In fact, the best children’s books always function on symbolic levels beyond the … Continue reading

Christopher Moltisanti of The Sopranos

I Should Be Grateful My Sons Are Asian

It’s not that I failed to notice before the recent events in Missouri that the US carried a lot of racial baggage. During my first three years living here as a grad student from Canada, there was no avoiding the knowledge that I was only one of three Asian students in the creative writing program. … Continue reading

I'm Sad...And I Want You To Know It #21

Modern (Nursery) Art Series: I’m Sad . . . And I Want You To Know It

Stay-at-home mom, Hairee Hayden (1977– ), and urologist, Squeezable Companion (1983- ), number among the most post-modern artistic couples of Huron Village. After meeting at Clink, the tongue-in-cheek named bar inside (ironically) the Liberty Hotel, in 2010, they created a domestic life together based on intellectual, aesthetic, and sexual interests that resulted in Baby and … Continue reading

Panoramic view of Baby's play space

The New Play Space (& How It Made Us Better)

The baby takes purchase, grows, takes over the entire abdomen, even encroaching on the diaphragm, pushing the lungs up to your shoulders. Then the Baby is born and moves into the apartment, first just in his bedroom. Soon he moves into the other rooms. There’s a giant swing in the dining room. The front foyer … Continue reading

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