I'm Sad...And I Want You To Know It #21
  • This is not your Salad Days blog. I don't do paper towel napkins or four liter jugs of wine. No whining about mean boys or boys for that matter. No more eating corn out of the can, hostels, graduate degrees, PBR "beer", etc. I eat, I drink, and I write what I think.

    These are the Saveur Days of my life.


    To paraphrase Winston Churchill, you are where you live. And until SC put together a play space for Baby, we lived in Baby's world, i.e., every room was about Baby. Reclaiming our space meant rescuing me from Baby overdose and redeeming us.

Panoramic view of Baby's play space

The New Play Space (& How It Made Us Better)

The baby takes purchase, grows, takes over the entire abdomen, even encroaching on the diaphragm, pushing the lungs up to your shoulders. Then the Baby is born and moves into the apartment, first just in his bedroom. Soon he moves into the other rooms. There’s a giant swing in the dining room. The front foyer … Continue reading

2013: What I Will & Won’t Miss

What I Won’t Miss Losing my hair in clumps postpartum Breast engorgement and plugged ducts Waking up two to four times a night Bouncing Baby to sleep Ferberizing Breast feeding Fugly ass hair cut from Supercuts that took a year to grow out Final episode of Dexter Not being able to go for a run … Continue reading

Disgusting. That mob outside singing about how they want you to bring it to them now can shove this crappola up their bums.

Christmas Songs I Kinda Hate

Let’s just dive into the list shall we? These have been on heavy rotation on my Pandora Christmas channel. “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.” The song is about a reindeer that’s excluded and bullied by the other reindeer because he’s got a shiny nose. “And all of the other reindeer / Used to laugh and … Continue reading

The Korean title literally translated says, "Who Shit (R) (or Pooped (PG)) On My Head?"

Who Shit On My Head?

No? You haven’t read this darling work of children’s lit to your little one? Well, you must get right on it. At the very least it will titillate and direct your toddler’s facination with all things scatalogical now that potty training is a looming challenge in his or her life. If you haven’t yet finished … Continue reading

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